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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:17 pm

ease follow every rule listed here with few exceptions.

1. Spamming and Profanity

First off, if you spam you will be looking at a warning. If a Moderator has to tell you more than twice to stop what you're doing, you will be banned immediately upon a report.
Know the difference between spamming and chatting. Spamming is nonsense and has no set purpose. Chatting will have a purpose and will be understandable. Since some get confused with this, warnings will always be given out before a ban.
If someone else is spamming the forums, do NOT respond to it. This, too, may be counted as spam. In cases like this, write a report and send it to either the Moderator of that forum, the Super Moderator or the Admin. We will deal with it, not you.
Profanity, due to the fact that we have users under the age of thirteen roaming the site, is not permitted. Every once in a while is okay, but keep it limited and not too obvious.

2. Pictures and Videos

Anything involving the following in either a picture or video will result in an immediate one week ban.

**Pornographic or nudity

3. Leeching and Warez

Any user found stealing another users or person's work WILL be banned. This is highly prohibited and even illegal. Post proper credits to avoid being banned and even from becoming in trouble with the law.

If a user is found posting sites like torrent or where you can download things you would usually have to pay for, they will be banned. This IS NOT a joke and we WILL not tolerate it.

Do not post any games that you could buy in stores in a download link. ( ex: downloading the Sims 3 for free is illegal and against site rules )

4. Off-topic posting.

Please make sure you are posting in the correct forums. If you aren't sure, ask. Your topic will be moved and if you are found repeatedly posting in the wrong forums, it may result in a week-long ban or longer depending.

The following will be counted as spam: let's say someone makes a topic in the Combat Arms forum with pictures of them playing. If you respond to it irrelevantly, like 'ooohh...i like your avatar' then yes, it is considered spamming.

5. Double posting...etc.

It is not necessary to create more than one topic of the same idea in the same or possible even separate ( which may violate rule 4 ) forum. If you double-post on accident, delete your topic or contact a moderator to delete it for you if you are unable. See last rule for consequences.

It is the same for double-posting. If you respond to a topic and forget to add something to it, DO NOT create a new post to add that in. Just simply edit your content. You will be warned. If a moderator is contacted to do this for you, you may be banned.

6. Moderators, Admins and Super Moderators.

There are four simple levels. In order of authority, they are admins, super moderators, forum moderators and members ( LIKE YOU! Wink ) . Do not attempt to pretend and pose as an admin or ( super ) mod as this will result in perma ban. In order to identify these levels, they are right below there name (EX: Me my name is admin and below it it says I'm a admin!)

Also, do not try and act as something you are not. If a player is not following the rules, report them. Don't TELL them. That is our job. You must know your position as a member-not as an admin or super mod.

7. Flaming and Harassment.

Flaming a topic or member is not permitted or allotted on any of the forums. This is looked down upon and is above all extremely rude. If you are having a problem with another member, report them to a mod or super mod a.s.a.p. We will get to your report as soon as we can, so be patient and don't allow yourself to succumb to their actions. It will be dealt with my us and only us.

Harassing another user ( especially an admin, super mod or mod ) will result in a ban of your account.

8. Virus scans and File hosting.

If you are going to post a download, make sure you have scanned it for viruses, and that if anything is detected, that you don't post it onto the site. When you post a download put the link for the virus scan.
A choice of a virus scanner is

9. Banning and Warnings

Banning and Warnings, this is how it goes

1.No virus scan. 1 Warning then, 2 week ban then, perma ban.
2.Advertising. 1 Week ban, then perma ban.
3.Harassment. 1 Warning, then 3 day ban, then 2 week ban, then perma ban.
4.Spamming. 1 Warning, then 1 week ban, then 1 month ban, then perma ban.
5.Viruses. 2 Month ban, then perma ban.
6.Use of another account. MAC ban.
7.Nudity. 1 Month ban, then perma ban.
8.Pretending to be staff. MAC ban.
9.Leeching. 1 Month ban, then perma ban.
10.Warez. MAC ban.
11.Hacking/Cheating. Perma ban.
12.Cursing. 3 Week ban, then perma ban.

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