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Roleplaying facts. Empty Roleplaying facts.

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"Role-playing refers to role training where persons rehearse situations in preparation for a future performance and to improve their abilities within a role. The most common examples are occupational training role plays, educational role play exercises, and certain military wargames."

"Role-playing can also be done online in the form of group story creation, involving anywhere from two to several hundred people, utilising public forums, private message-boards, mailing lists, chat-rooms, and instant-messaging chat clients (e.g MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ) to build worlds and characters that may last a few hours, or several years. For some, romance and sex (though more often the former) are key elements to publicly-viewable roleplays, with the majority of such play taking place in chat-rooms or so-called "1x1" (one-on-ones) and very small groups, with other elements taking a back-seat in terms of importance. Typically, for medium and large groups of roleplayers, and large roleplays, the reverse is true, with romantic sub-plots taking a back-seat to story and setting development and action scenes, yet when it does occur, it is often (and in some cases expected to be) of a far less blatant nature.

There are different genres one can choose while role playing, including, but not limited to, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, historical, etc. Books or movies can be, and often are, used as a basis for roleplays (which in such cases may be deemed "collaborative fan-fiction"), with players either assuming the roles of established canon characters or using those the players themselves create ("Original Characters") to replace - or exist along side - characters from the book or movie, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of its established canon."

That is what was found when searched on the inter-web, and I thank Wikipedia for the information.

When roleplaying, it is usually necessary for people to follow the rules below:

1: Keep everything PG-13 ( this is a site rule and if it is violated or not included in your roleplays rules, you will be warned. )
2: Don't use text talk or ** for actions. Use "" when speaking and italics when thinking.
3: Skip certain scenes.
4: Don't take control of someone else's character.
5: Be patient and stick to the storyline.
6: No perfect characters.
7: Quality over quantity.
8: Interact with all characters and don't leave anyone out.
9: Romance is a must, but keep it clean.

You may use that as well when creating your role play, but you will most likely want to add to it.

Now, in role playing, there are many levels of literacy. Below will be examples and explanations to each of them.

Rouby hoppped un mister yelman and huged him tiitly.

This is an example of an illiterate post. This is usually consisting of less than five sentences with little to no proper grammar nor spelling. It never really is called for in roleplays, but roleplays on a lit break may consider.

Cassie caught her breath as she was lowered to teh ground by the large hawk. It had been a long ride, and she couldn't wait to get home and sleep. But she wasn't going to let this majestic animal leave without a proper apology and gift in return for his ride. "Look, I'm sorry you had to fly me out here and that I got you into so much trouble. I promise I'll be good. Meet me here when daylight breaks and I'll be here, awaiting you with a prize.", she told him, nuzzling his neck before waving a goodbye and nodding, heading into her house and sprawling out upon the couch. What a day... Cassie thought, falling into a deep sleep a she dreamed of the beautiful, kind and magical being that had brought her home and savet her life a numbar o times.

Semi-literate is a step up from illiterate with proper grammar and spelling most of the time. It is usually about a paragraph or one and a half.


The sound of the movers made him a little anxious, but he remained where he was. It would be easier for him to forget if he didn't move, think or talk. Once the memory was wiped from his thoughts, a sigh escaped his lips and he let the world around him in once more. His eyes opened slowly and he cooled down a little, only to be warmed up again as his head rolled to the side. He didn't know what made him turn his head that instant. Maybe it was the slight creak in the floor. Maybe it was the dying hope inside him that the rumors about the house were correct. Whatever it was, he was now regretting that movement. And as he tried to form words and voice them correctly, he at once convinced himself what he had seen was a figment of his imagination. But the rest of him wouldn't let him get away without saying or doing something productive in his passed loves presence.

"Jordan...?", he inquired in the quietest voice possible. Nathan shook his head, staring at the girl, then at the floor. He made his way from the room, swearing under his breath. "God...I must be absolutely crazy.", he told himself, eying the girl as he slipped past her, into the living room where the movers were unpacking everything. Nathan would style it later. What he wanted at the moment was for these people to leave, so he could figure things out on his own. He pulled the money from his pocket and payed them quickly. "This is good guys. Just..uh..leave me to the rest.", he explained in a, urgent voice. His eyes shot back to the girl and he lifted a hand to his head, trying to think. "Alright with me. And remember, if you decide to leave within the first month, we move you out free of charge.", one of the movers proposed, almost suggestively.

When everyone was gone, almost on cue, his phone rang. He put it on speaker phone and began unpacking. "Hello?", he said loudly, pulling blankets and pillows from one of the boxes. The sweet but stern voice of his mother replied back, discouraged-sounding. "Nathan, how is your new house?", she asked with sincere kindness. "Great...just great. Look, ma, can I call you later? I have a lot to do.", Nathan replied. They exchanged reluctant goodbyes and within minutes the conversation was ended. Nathan sighed and stood up, clicking off his phone and heading back to the room, passing by the girl, the stopping in his tracks. "You're not real.", he told Jordan, trying to become more secure about the whole thing.

This is a literate to semi- adv, literate example. It has good grammar with little to no mistakes. It is usually about two or three paragraphs long.

Adv. Literate

Cookie, the alarm clock, exploded into a series of barks, sending the sleeping Jessie into a state of panic. She yelped as she fell off the side of her bed, smiling a little when the small dog came trotting up to her, sniffing and licking her face. Jessie sat up a little and greeted him. She stood up and wiped her face, saying a small good morning to Spice who was still sleeping peacefully in her little bed inside the cage. A little reluctant, she let her ferret sleep and exited the room. A list of chores was stuck onto the refrigerator, which Jessie regarded with a sigh. Everyone old enough to have a list had one, and just because the list was short didn`t mean the chores were easy. With a slight shrug, Jessie grabbed a biscuit off the stove and warmed it up in the microwave, spreading a small slice of butter on it beforehand.

Cookie stood at her feet, waiting for his fair share. She looked around the house, not wanting anyone getting mad about it. She quickly shoved a smaller biscuit onto the floor, watching as he devoured it in only a few bites. It was clear he wanted more, but she didn't dare take the chance. The microwave beeped loudly. She retrieved her biscuit and ate it over the counter in a matter of seconds. Cookie had moved his attention to other things, like how the floor seemed to move when he walked. It was funny, but it was hard to laugh when she had such a hard list of chores. Jess plucked the paper off the fridge and read through it thoroughly:

1: Feed the cats, give them water and make sure they are free of fleas and ticks.
2: Bathe, feed and water dogs.
3: Care for Dazie, Trident, Smokey and Scar.
4: Help with riding lessons.
5: Help with sheep and cows.
6: Start daily training with Cookie, Mimi, Tessa, and Cass.
7: Give younger siblings pony ride.
8: Clean stable hall and put manure into bags.

She recoiled at the last part. Jess thought of exchanging her list with someone elses, but no one else had it easy either. At least she didn`t have to get involved wit the chickens, goose, ducks, turkeys or peacocks. She didn`t know why, but birds just seemed to have something against her. Last time she entered the chicken coop, the babies nipped at her boots and the rooster flew right into her head, knocking her into a bucket of water and causing the bag in her hand ( filled with chicken waste ) to flip over and empty itself into her hair. And she swears the birds did it on purpose.

Jess sighed and walked outside. If those Cartwright kids were coming over today, she was definitely going to grab some help. It's the least they could do. Now, for the dogs. She whistled loudly. "Mimi, Cass, Tessa. Come here girls! Toby boy! You too! ", she yelled, pulling a large bag of dog food from inside the house and shaking it, whistling again.

This is an example of an advanced literate post. Very little people succeed with a continuous amount of paragraphs as large as the one above. An average post for an adv. lit person is the same as an opening post for a literate player. This has nearly perfect spelling and grammar and can have more than ten paragraphs at a time.

If you have any questions about roleplaying, message me and I'll feature it here. bounce
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Roleplaying facts. Empty Re: Roleplaying facts.

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